Underwoods Healthy Harvest Box

 It’s like a CSA box you can order anytime!

We are excited to offer:

  • Pickup at either our Somis or Moorpark location 
  • FedEx Shipping – anywhere we ship our Gift Baskets
  • See What's in the Box

New - Healthy Harvest Produce Boxes

You may know about us because of our super fresh, locally grown, California produce, but did you know that we do much more than just grow fruits and vegetables?

We have two locations for you to visit, one in Somis and one in Moorpark as well as our many Farmers’ Markets throughout Ventura and LA Counties. Birthday Parties at the Farm, Pick -Your-Own Produce, Educational School Tours, Specialty Gifts & Products, Fruit & Vegetable Gift Baskets, not to mention our Fall Harvest Festival are just some of the things that make us who we are.

Our mission is to strengthen the relationship between consumers and our farm through direct marketing of high quality produce and positive farm experiences.

The mission will be accomplished profitably while adhering to the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

Discover what else we have to offer and what makes Underwood Family Farms unique!