Moorpark Pick Your Own - This Week


PLEASE NOTE: Our Pick Your Own fields are open 9am - 6pm daily and close promptly at 6:00pm. All rides will return by that time. Please plan your visit accordingly.

For a complete list of prices and produce as projected for availability throughout the year, please visit the Moorpark Pick-Your-Own Crop Calendar.
Pick Your Own is available via tractor-ride only in November and December.


Arugula - $.99/lb
Avocados - $1.49/ea
Beets - $.99/lb
Blackberries - Boysenberries - $3.29/lb
Blackberries - Olallieberries - $3.29/lb
Blueberries (Somis Only) - $5.29/lb
Cabbage - $1.99/lb
Carrots - $.99/lb
Celery - $.99/lb
Chard - $1.99/lb
Cilantro - $1.99/lb
Fennel - $1.99/lb
Herbs - Basil - $7.99/lb
Kale - $1.99/lb
Kohlrabi - $.99/lb
Leeks - $1.49/lb
Lemons - $.49/ea
Lettuce - $1.29/ea
Mandarins - $1.49/lb
Onions - Sweet - $1.99/lb
Spinach - $1.99/lb
Spinach - Mizuna - $1.99/lb
Spinach - Tatsoi - $1.99/lb
Strawberries - $2.29/lb
Turnips - $.99/lb
Verdologa - $1.99/lb

Admission Prices for Pick Your Own

$5.00 per person daily
Tractor-rides to fields included
Children UNDER two years of age, and parking are FREE. (more info) Seniors (65+), Military, Veterans, & Emergency First Responders receive a $2 admission discount every day (with valid ID).
Please visit our
FAQ page for new guidelines and precautions before visiting the farm.