Moorpark Pick Your Own Crop Calendar

Please select the month for an overview of the crops that are projected to be available in Moorpark throughout the 2020 season. Weather conditions may require us to change the picking dates. For more specific information, please visit "PYO This Week" for a list of the items currently available for picking. Please make sure to check this schedule prior to making your trip to the farm. PYO is available via tractor ride only in November & December.

We also offer Pick-Your-Own berries at our Somis Location beginning late April - approx. mid-July from 9am - 5pm daily. Please visit our Somis Crop Calendar for additional crops that are available as well as prices. All crops are subject to availability & weather changes. Prices & availability may change at any time - all listed prices are per pound unless otherwise specified.


Arugula - $
Beets - $.99/lb
Bok Choy - $.99/lb
Broccoli - $1.49/lb
Broccolini - $2.99/lb
Cabbage - $ .99/ea
Carrots - $.99/lb
Cauliflower - Colored - $2.99/ea
Cauliflower - Romanesco - $3.49/ea
Cauliflower - White - $2.49/ea
Celery - $.99/lb
Chard - $1.99/lb
Cilantro - $
Fennel - $1.99/lb
Grapefruit - Ruby - $.59/ea
Kale - $1.99/lb
Kohlrabi - $.99/lb
Leeks - $1.49/lb
Lemons - $.49/ea
Lettuce - $1.29/ea
Mandarins - $1.49/lb
Orange - Navel - $.59/lb
Parsley - $1.99/lb
Peas - English - $2.99/lb
Peas - Sugar Snap - $2.99/lb
Radish - $.99/lb
Spinach - $1.99/lb
Spinach - Mizuna - $1.99/lb
Spinach -Tatsoi - $1.99/lb
Strawberries - $2.29/lb
Turnips - $.99/lb
Verdologa - $1.99/lb