Rules out on the Farm

For your safety and for the protection of our land, farm animals and crops, we ask that you read all the rules and guidelines listed below while in our fields. Please observe and follow ALL notices and signs. In addition to these rules, please make sure to visit the FAQ page for rules and behavior while on our farm.

  1. Absolutely NO THROWING of fruit, vegetables, rocks, sticks, etc.
  2. Dogs and outside animals are not allowed on the farm.
  3. NO organized, unreserved group picnics are allowed in the fields.
  4. No coolers/picnic baskets/boxes of food.
  5. Do not feed anything when passing by our animal corrals. They are on a strict, nutritional diet.
  6. Absolutely no smoking is allowed on the farm! Anyone smoking will be asked to extinguish their cigarette or cigar and/or asked to leave. E-Cigarettes are not allowed on the farm.
  7. No alcohol is allowed on the farm.
  8. No weapons or costume weapons carried or held that give the appearance of being real are allowed on the farm.
  9. No drones unless authorized.  Our farm is in a flight restricted area and only authorized, licensed remote pilots are allowed to fly on the farm.
  10. To make this a fun & educational experience for all, we ask that you please WATCH, MAINTAIN & CONTROL your children. Please read and obey all signs as they are intended for the safety of all.
  11. Please be careful when walking in our fields. Our crops are fragile and need to be treated with respect.
  12. When you are in the fields, feel free to sample our crops, but please DO NOT make a meal of them. YOU MUST PAY FOR WHAT YOU AND YOUR FAMILY PICK!
  13. We encourage bringing your own clippers for crops in season that need them such as sunflowers and those on vines.  We also have them available for those who have forgotten theirs.
  14. DO NOT open any farm gates.
  15. Please be aware and keep well away from tractors and farm machinery while in use.  We are a working farm and our machines are active continuously throughout the day.
  16. NO unauthorized vehicles are allowed in the fields.
  17. For your safety and for dust control we have posted a 5-10 MPH Speed Limit throughout our farm.  Please observe this as you enter and exit the farm.
  18. Wear sensible shoes, wear sunscreen and hats and bring water and drink frequently to keep from dehydrating.
  19. Please be kind and courteous to your fellow visitors and members of our team. Please listen to the members of our staff and know that they are working very hard to make sure your time at the farm is a memorable one.

**Have a Great Time!!!**