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More About Underwood Family Farms

Underwood Family Farms is a grower of a wide variety of fresh vegetable and fruits in Ventura County, California. We offer a wide variety of activities tailored for the entire family including pick-your-own produce, birthday parties at our Farm Animal Center, school tours, gift baskets (shipped anywhere in the United States,) and our Springtime, Fall Harvest and Christmas on the Farm.

Everyday, the mission of our team is to cultivate a relationship between the customer and the farm. We do that through direct marketing of high quality produce and positive farm experiences while adhering to the highest standards of ethics and integrity. We encourage our visitors to ask questions and give us their feedback.

A frequent question is "are we organic?" On the farm, we practice a method of farming called sustainable agriculture. Using integrated pest management, compost and minimal pesticides, we are committed to growing healthy and flavorful product while also using the best farming practices.

You can visit us at either of our Farm Markets, located in Somis or our location in Moorpark, where you can purchase our field-fresh produce and say "hi" to our farm animals. You may also visit us at one of the 15 Certified Farmers' Markets that we participate in throughout the week.

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Please review our most commonly asked questions on our FAQ page. If you can't find an answer there, then please feel free to contact us.

Work at the Farm

Become a member of the team! We are looking for: Retired teachers, Enthusiastic adults and students who would like part-time work.

Filming Locations

Looking for a great location for your film, photo shoot or commercial? We have many great locations here in beautiful Ventura County.

Giving Back

Underwood Family Farms is proud to support many local organizations. Find out more about how we help through our annual Fall Festival.

Going Green

We are working to do our part to help the environment by recycling packaging at the farm and reducing our carbon footprint.

Sustainable Agriculture

We do our best to find the most flavorful varieties to grow - learn more about how we use the best farming practices to produce them.